We work with organizations (both for-profit and non-profit) to create unique and captivating branded stories.

For You, Because of You, and in Memory of You

Client: Rising Above Addiction

When the opioid epidemic tragically befalls a suburban mother, she uses her grief to help others.

For You, Because of You, and In Memory of You is a short documentary about Tammy Lofink, a wife and mother of two, who lost her son to a heroin overdose when he was 18 year's old. This story recaps Tammy's journey through her son's death, the reclaiming of her life, and the birth of Rising Above Addiction, a non-profit organization that helps fund treatment for young adults who suffer from addiction.

Dear Parkinson's 

Client: Movement Disorder Education and Exercise,
Rock Steady Boxing affiliate

A video letter to Parkinson's disease.

A short branded documentary featuring Larry Zarzecki, a member of the Parkinson's community and the founder of a wellness program for people with Parkinson's and other
movement disorders.

An Anecdote with Stefan Subotich

Client: Big Timing Comedy
Released on
Funny or Die

An Anecdote showcases the art and craft of comedic, verbal storytelling.  Think The Moth series but for the screen. Or a theatrical one man show with creative camera moves, clever editing, dramatic lighting, and rotating sets.

This episode features Stefan Subotich, co-founder of Big Timing Comedy, as he shares the story of the day his first and only daughter was born. It is a humorous retelling of one of the most special moments of any person’s life, but told from the perspective of a comedian who never shies away from earnestness. 

Rock Bottom Retirement

Client: The Oxford Club, an Agora Publishing company

Desperate measures are taken when a middle aged man feels the pressure of a non-existent retirement.

Rock Bottom Retirement is a scripted, branded short film that was conceived, written, and produced in coordination with Oxford Club Films, the internal production studio at The Oxford Club. Starring William L. Thomas of Veep and House of Cards and co-written by Rafael Alvarez, former writer for HBO's The Wire. 

Bowie on Branding 

A tribute to David Bowie

A visionary brand agency staffed entirely by different versions of David Bowie onboards a green new hire.

Released a few months after the death of one of the most iconic brands of all time, the story centers on a recent green agency hire, David Jones (also Bowie's birth name), who lacks the inspiring charisma and whimsical identity of his new colleagues. A bizarre onboarding meeting takes place between David and two quirky Bowie personas driven to reject the ordinary, embrace courage and push David to make something (or someone) of himself. 

Bowie On Branding is a satire that impugns stodgy, stuffy, and traditional-minded ad agencies that do little to inspire clients and which focus more on smoke, mirrors and brandspeak than real creativity and innovation.